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The story of Believe takes place in three locations: A railroad station, a hotel room (both in Toulon, France) and the Underworld. All three places can be represented minimally or elaborately.

The main setting for the show is a run-down, turn-of-the-century railroad station on the outskirts of Toulon, a small city in the south of France in 1940. The station is divided into three playing areas: The outdoor platform (and railroad tracks), a waiting area and a café. Minimally, these areas could be defined by separately lit areas with the outdoor platform having only a bench and some crates, the waiting area a few benches, and the café a couple of tables and chairs. Of course, if the designer had the resources to be more elaborate, a more fully realized train station would be effective as well.

The hotel room could be represented only by a bed, or, in a more fully realized version, with dusty drapes, a nightstand and antiquated light fixture.

The underworld is intended to exist as an empty space filled mostly with darkness and shadows. The characters would step in and out of small pools of eerie light. Mist could be used for a heightened sense of another realm.