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The score was originally conceived to be played by 4 musicians: Piano, violin, cello and harp/accordion. Although there is a piano/vocal score available for rehearsal, the fact that two of the characters are musicians and need to have the sound of their instruments represented requires that, at the very least, the score would need to be performed by two musicians: Piano, doubling on a synth keyboard to create the accordion sound for the character of Father, and a violinist to create the music for the character of Orpheus (assuming that the actors playing Father and Orpheus are not actually musicians accomplished at playing their respected instruments).

If a fuller sound in a larger scale production is desired, naturally, the score would benefit with more than 4 musicians, particularly with the addition of brass and woodwind instruments, viola, double bass, and additional violins.

More information on the different arrangements of the score currently available, as well as demos of the 4-musician arrangements can be found here.