Is faith, love and music enough to transform the reality of desperate lovers in a troubled world?

That is the question at the heart and mind of the new musical drama Believe.

Inspired by Jean Anouilh’s play Eurydice, which in turn was inspired by the myth of Orpheus, Believe tells the tale of a street musician and an actress who meet and fall in love in a train station in Toulon, France in 1940. With the Germans closing in from the North and Mussolini’s Forces closing in from the south, the young lovers abandon their parents and run off together with the hope that their love can transform their lives. When their pasts come back to haunt them, will their faith in themselves and each other be enough to stand against forces determined to keep them apart?

With a buoyant and melodic score by Brad Howell Houghton and an elegant book by George Barthel and Mr. Houghton, Believe is a musical to move the heart and inspire the mind.