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10 performers (5m/5f with one doubling parts)

Orpheus: A talented violinist trapped in a life of traveling from town to town with his father. An optimist with a bit of a savior complex. Boyish but with a strong, determined presence. In his 20s. Tenor with a strong belt.

Eurydice: An actress in a traveling troupe. Although young (early 20s), Eurydice looks worn-down and thin from years of abuse. Alto with a strong belt.

Father: Orpheus’ father. A pessimist at heart, he numbs his pain by staying in a constant state of controlled inebriation, living life with gusto from moment to moment. He was once an accomplished musician but his fondness for drink has led him to living a life playing an accordion in cafes. Late 40s to late 50s character actor. Baritone.

Mother: Eurydice’s mother is an actress in the traveling troupe. Although her career is well past its prime, she still imagines herself as a great diva of the theatre. She hides her age beneath layers of theatrical makeup, although one should still be able to see a hint of the beauty she once was. Mid 40s to late 50s character actress. Mezzo.

Dulac: Mother’s lover and the producer of the theatre troupe. Villainous, theatrical, intimidating and slimy. A character actor in his 40s or older. Bass.

Monsieur Henri: A mysterious, otherworldly traveler who acts as an observer through most of the play. Although his role is initially meant to be ambiguous, he is later revealed to be the leader of the underworld. This role can be flexible type-wise and can be cast according to the director’s vision. Baritone.

Mathias: A young leading actor in the troupe who harbors unrequited love for Eurydice and is very protective of her. Part should be played by a strong actor who is sweet-looking and sympathetic. Tenor (with a strong lower range).

The Girls: This trio of girls in the troupe are always seen together gossiping and/or making trouble, especially for Eurydice who they are jealous of. In the latter half of the second act, the girls represent The Furies in the underworld. They can be played by a variety of types and ages. Individually, the girls are:
     Margarite: The leader and smartest of the group. 1st Soprano
     Therese: A follower. Giggly and absent-minded. 2nd Soprano
     Alexis: Devious, lusty. A throaty Alto.

Veiled Woman: A ghostly apparition who represents the angel of death. This part is doubled by the actress playing either Margarite or Therese.